Binky shines on Made in Chelsea NYC

Binky shines on Made in Chelsea NYC

Welcome and Here I am, at last I’ve joined the band wagon and am here To inspire, share,  and generally chat and get to know you all so how shall I start my first words!

#MADEINCHELSEANYC!! IS THIS HITTING THE SPOT??  Wow who is watching this because I certainly am, I even had my boyfriend watch he’s first episode Monday, let’s see how long it takes him to become as attached as most of the Nation!! They have really stepped it up… boys against boys now, obviously on girls just wasn’t enough… whatever as long as there’s spice we shall be watching! Now onto the fun happy stuff for us ladies…Binky!!! You go girl, not only has she finally come to her senses and showing us all her girl power she is looking FIiiiiiiiinnnee…. I’ve always loved this girl and had the pleasure of working with her, so speaking first hand; she is so beautiful, gorgeous skin eyes and hair! What can I say… on Mondays episode i just loved her look, Binky has the look of a 70’s girl, Bond girl comes to mind… How?…she just has it, she rocks it and she owns it,  However so can you,  I shall give you some tips on her flawless skin and naturally gorgeous look.

Binky in NYC:

Duster Coat similar – Topshop

Dress – Zara? I’ve looked everywhere and just can’t find it or one like it. Maybe you can help!

Makeup Tips:

Binky does have beautiful skin, and what I love about her look is it is fresh and simple and is achievable for all.

For that flawless skin finish Binky has:

  • use MAC Face and Body to even your skin tone
  • Followed by Bobbi Brown foundation stick on any blemishes or dark circles, not only will your skin be flawless it will glow.
  • Top Tip: always apply with a makeup brush for an even all over finish. Shiesedo Foundation  brush is amazing.

Eyes: Binky has Individual False Lashes so to achieve this effect you could either have the lashes applied as she has semi permanent,  or just put them on for the day in a strip style or the individual fork lashes. Eyelure have a fantastic variety for you to choose from.

So to achieve this look:

  • Start with your upper water eye line, with a black Kohl pencil (MAC and Rimmel have great soft kohl pencils for this) run the pencil along and into the upper lash line to fill any gaps between your lashes that show skin, this instantly gives the illusion of fuller longer  lashes.
  • Then with the same pencil gently run along the lash line, try to keep it thinner toward your inner eye and thicker as you finish on the outer eye
  • With a cotton bud gently rub along the line on your eyelid to soften the look of the line. What’s lovely about Binky’s look is it is softer than your usual cat flick eyeliner, making it perfect for any occasion and suitable for most eye shapes.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Blog Post, many more to come along with Video tutorials, more looks, Top Tips, and general Chitty Chatter so spread the word and join in on the fun.

Chat soon.

Love Gem.X