Ella Eyre and that HAIR!!! amazing!!

Ella Eyre and that HAIR!!! amazing!!

I’ve been having fun playing with this lovely face 🙂 and such a lovely lady, I had the pleasure of not only radio touring with Ella Last year but also spending time with her this year on her TV Promos and appearances just before she set off on tour with the super cool Ollie Murrs. Below you can see we’ve been playing at 4Music, always a fun place to be, and then MTV filming some super cool stuff! Keep your eyes peeled for Ella on MTV Live Lockdown May 22nd, all I am saying, is its very exciting!!


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How are you loving the looks all? Ella has one of those faces that you add a little and it goes a long way, we keep it very simple on the skin, hers is so beautiful we need not to add much…lucky for some 😉 primed with Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer and then a splash of Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation.



A touch added to the eyebrows to fill them out but keeping them looking Natural… Huge look for 2015.



For that soft gorgeous contour my Makeup Bag must haves are these funky Sticks by Clinique. Chubby Contour.



and for those gorgeous lips, Ella loves a pop of colour, so I go no further than NARS. absolutely love there range of lippies and you can see why.



Hope y’all are loving the look and have fun re creating, please drop me a mail if you need any further tips on how too.


Ciao for now,


Gem. X