James Bay!!!!!!! The Brits Critics Choice Award Winner……..

James Bay!!!!!!! The Brits Critics Choice Award Winner……..

photo 1 (1)This Guy is Just AWSOME!!! I am so lucky to have been teamed with James himself as he’s groomer and he’s amazing team… Shout out to Ross and Gerry aka Old Spice! ha…inside joke I’m hoping will catch on!!


photo 2 (1)

This is us at the Andrew Marr show Pre show… Makeup brushes in hand ready for a quick de shine before the show begins!!

photo 3

The man Himself in action singing ‘Hold Back the River’

photo 2

First time @ the Brits for James and loving every moment!



love Clinique’s Men’s Range!! This is my go too range for men and I use on James and the band to keep them looking fresh and oil free! Locked and Loaded with their secret weapons for the Tour! Along with the all important Bumble and Bumble Mens Grooming Creme to keep those luscious locks at bay 😉



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Just Chillin and drinking whisky with Mr Ethan Hawke @ the Jonathan Ross Show! pretty darn cool ey!

it gets better….

looks who pops on into the dressing room to hang out and grab a whisky….O yes that is who you see… the one and only Kylie Minogue!


photo (2)

so there we go folks, not a bad month of April with the Bay Team, keep your eyes peeled for June as we start all over again 🙂




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